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Shopper Agreement

1) Job Title and location


You are employed as MYSTERY SHOPPER or in such role as may be agreed between us from time to time.


Your normal place of work will be as determined by the company but you may be required to work at any location in the Island as the Company shall reasonably require.


2) Commencement Date:



You will be employed initially for a probationary period of 4 weeks following which, subject to performance, your employment may be confirmed. During the first 4 weeks of employment, either party may terminate this contract by giving 48 hours’ notice, after this period your employment may be terminated by notice of 1 week by either party until employment reaches 26 weeks, after which time statutory notice periods will apply.


3) Remuneration Hours of Work and duties



a) You will be paid only per job worked. The rate will be confirmed to you in the assignment. Payment will be made within 30 days of the shop being done in the system and all necessary purchase proofs and documentation have been given. And will be paid directly into your Bank account. Please provide this information directly to us.


b)   Your number of jobs is conditional on various business requirements. There may be times when no work is available for you and the Company has no duty to provide you with any work at such times. However, when there is work available the Company will do its best to allocate work to you.


c) This Contract is conditional on your agreement to work flexible hours or no hours if necessary.


d) You will devote your whole time, attention and abilities to those duties allocated to you during those hours you are required to work by the Company. In addition, you will be available to work when requested by the Company.


e) The Company will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible of any hours you will be required to work.


f)   Your duties will be agreed in each assignment, but the Company may in its discretion require you to undertake any duties it considers appropriate to your skills, and with appropriate training as is considered




4) Deductions

The Company has the right to deduct from your pay any sums which you may owe the Company including any

overpayments or loans (including season ticket loans) made to you by the Company.


5)  Holiday Entitlement


Holiday pay will be paid for as it is earned on the basis of an included 4% pay for each contracted hour worked.


6) Absence/Sickness


If you are not available for work at any time, you must inform the Company of such dates with as much notice as possible.


a)   The Company may in its absolute discretion require medical certificates to be furnished for periods of incapacity of three days or less. In respect of any absence, it may also require a report from your doctor and/or you to be examined by its own appointed doctor.


b)   Any payment made in respect of sickness over and above Social Security Benefit will be at the sole discretion of the Company.


7) Grievance Procedure


The Company has established a grievance procedure through which employees can seek redress for grievances arising in the course of their employment. This non-contractual policy is attached for your information.



8) Disciplinary Rules and Procedure


The Company have established disciplinary procedures. This non-contractual policy is attached for your information.



9) Pension Scheme


There is no Company Pension Scheme and employees are advised to make their own provision.


10) Confidentiality


a. You may not disclose any trade secrets or other information of a confidential nature relating to the Company or any of its associated companies or their business or in respect of which the Company owes an obligation of confidence to any third party during or after your employment except in the proper course of your employment or as required by law.


b. You must not remove any documents, or tangible items which belong to the Company or which contain any confidential information from the Company’s premises at any time without proper advanced authorisation.


c. You must return to the Company upon request and, in any event, upon the termination of your employment, all documents and tangible items which belong to the Company or which contain or refer to any confidential information which is in your possession or under your control.


d. You must, if requested by the Company, delete all confidential information from any reusable material and destroy all other documents and tangible items which contain or refer to any confidential information and which are in your possession or under your control.



11) Social Media

We have confidentiality agreements in place with our clients and


a. You must not post or comment on any social network sites that our clients are named on regarding your experience whilst carrying out assignments.


b. You must not upload comments or pictures taken during your assignments to your own networking sites.

c. You must not name our clients on any social media site

d If we have evidence you have breached these rules we will be unable to use you as a shopper


12) Health and Safety


The Company will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure your health, safety and welfare while at work. However, any work done will be to your own responsibility.



13) Termination of Contract


The Company may terminate this Contract if you refuse to attend work after 5 or more successive requests by the Company or you are not available for work for 1 month or more unless the Company gives its prior written approval or there are exceptional circumstances.



14) Collective Agreements


No collective agreements affect the terms and conditions of your employment.


15) Amendments


The Company may from time to time review these terms and conditions. Any amendment or additions to the Contract (other than as to rate of pay) will be issued to you a supplemental document.


16) GDPR

By signing this agreement you agree for the Company to keep the following information

Personal Data - name, contact details, gender, age, physical description.

Sensitive Personal Data: bank details, payment details, tax details, social security number, tax reference number, past and future shopping assignments, ratings and/or gradings, religious, political or sexual orientation.

This information is kept for the purpose of contacting you, paying you and sending you updates. The information is kept in the Checker System, which is password protected. We suggest you change your own password every 6 months. Sensitive information will only be kept for the period of your employment with the company and removed from the system on termination of the contract. Personal information will be kept for 5 years then erase from the system.


Please note, the information you hold such as photos, receipts (except your own notes) following a visit must be sent to us, then you will need to be erased from your computer and/or mobile devices.


The Company privacy policy can be viewed on the website:


The Company GDPR Data protection policy, retention policy can be requested to the Data Protection Controller, Claire Boscq-Scott + 44 7797 828950 or email





The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) is dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. A fundamental aim of the Association is to ensure that standards are maintained. To improve the value, reputation and stimulate the use of mystery shopping services, it is important that information about mystery shopping services is accurately communicated to both the business community and the public at large, while complying with applicable government laws, regulations and ordinances.


MSPA expects members to follow principles of honesty, professionalism, fairness and confidentiality to guard the interests of the public and our clients in order to promote good business practices.


The Mystery Shopping Providers Association's Code of Professional Standards is established to ensure that MSPA members conform to the following principles: Commit, in principle, to the purposes of the association: improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry;

Professional Standards:

Ø  Commit, in principle, to the purposes of the association: improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry.

Ø  Conduct mystery shopping services in an honest and ethical manner.

Ø  Conduct mystery shopping services according to industry procedures and regulations set forth and agreed to by MSPA members.

Ø  Respect our MSPA members, clients and the general public.

Ethical Conducts:

Ø  I agree to perform all shops to the best of my ability.

Ø  I agree to perform all shops with honesty and integrity.

Ø  I agree to submit all reports on or before the deadline.

Ø  I agree to honour all confidentiality agreements.

Ø  I agree to give immediate notice to the shopping company if I cannot perform a shop for any reason.

Ø  I agree to return follow up calls or e-mails in a timely manner.

Ø  I agree to keep paperwork and notes for at least 60 days in case questions arise by the client.

Ø  I will not perform a shop unless I have thoroughly read each question on the survey and the guidelines provided by the shopping provider.

Ø  I will not falsify or misrepresent reports.

Ø  I will not ask or encourage anyone to break confidentiality agreements with other firms for whom You conduct mystery shopping assignments.

Ø  I will not use any MSPA media to publish complaints against vendors, clients, shoppers or mystery shopper providers.

Ø  I will not share information with others on which company

Ø  I will not share information with others on shopping fees and reimbursements for specific clients.

Ø  I will not share the results of a shop with others in order to protect the client’s confidentiality.

Ø  I will not perform any shops under the influence of illegal drugs, or prescription drugs that might impair my abilities.

Ø  I agree not to become inebriated or drink beyond the legal limits set forth in my state or perform any other activity that may cause harm to myself or others while mystery shopping.

Ø  I will not contact a client directly without approval of the shopping company.

Ø  I will not disrupt the normal business flow of an operation in the process of performing a shop (do not cause a scene).

Ø  I will not announce myself as a mystery shopper to the business being shopped unless given specific instructions by the shopping company.

Ø  I will not accept a mystery shopping assignment for a business that my family, my friends or I work for.

Ø  I will not list any shopping company I work for as an “employee” on any forms (especially unemployment forms) if I am hired strictly as an independent contractor for that company. 

I agree

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